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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let's Work Together    Who is ALC?

The American Language Center was established in 1994, out of a desire to elevate the quality of English language study available in Taiwan. We are a private center, offering after school English language instruction to K-12 students.

Our Philosophy
In Taiwan, there are many economic and educational advantages to learning English as a foreign language. For this reason, Chinese students study English for many years in high school and often use English texts at the university level. Unfortunately, they may never have the opportunity to use English in practical situations.

At ALC, our aim is to introduce English and an awareness of western cultures to Chinese students at an early age. Foreign teachers play an important role in this process. As an ALC teacher, your responsibility is to create a learning environment in which students are able to use English in everyday conversation. We teach both conversational and written English. For younger students, we focus on conversation. For older students, an equal emphasis is placed on conversation, reading and writing.

A Reading-friendly Environment- SCORE
Library services for children have never been as important for children and their families all over the world, as they are today. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to find a quality children’s library with English literature in Tainan City, Taiwan.
Therefore, we decide to build one.

By doing so, we hope to provide students with a nice and cozy environment, enabling them to apply their English in a reading-friendly space. In addition, as an ESL teacher, you will also find an abundance of children literature for your students and teaching.