Job Opening Status

We are hiring now! Please view Application Procedure.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Application Procedure

A. Please submit the following documents to                  
      (allow 3 business days for an initial review of the documents)
1. Cover letter
2. An Introduction Video
3. Resume
4. ALC Applicaton Form  

B. Preliminary interview 
1. A brief (10-15 minutes) preliminary interview will be performed via Google Meet.

C. Second Interview (full interview)
1. The Second interview (1 hour) will be onsite if you are in Taiwan  or    via Google Meet if you are currently abroad.
2. Please bring your passport, diploma, certificates, etc.
3. The second interview will include a teaching demonstration       (teaching materials will be provided).
4. We will discuss your ALC teaching contract.
5. ALC Full Application Form (PDF)